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Hi there
We would like to introduce ourselves our names are Sharon and John. We would like to invite you to browse our website. We have been making and designing 20/28/40/and 54mm figures for many years.,

We have been making and designing figures since the 1970's. We started trading under the name of Standard High Metal Miniatures in the 1980s and stopped in the middle 1990's for personal reasons. Every figure and mould we have ever made we still have. We have never sold or thrown anything away, consequently I have a large number of 20/28/40/and 54mm range of figures in Master and Production moulds plus a variety of military busts.

We now have for sall a range of 20mm F.P.W. German and French 28mm A.C.W. Infantry Union and Confederat 28mm Romans and Celts 28mm Vikings and Saxons 40mm Romans and Germans And 54mm Napoleonic British and French.

These figures are , now available. Please be aware all our figures are vintage but are as good as anything on the market today. Our Vikings and Saxon mould's are just being dusted off and will be available soon. A free sample figure is available from the 28mm and 20mm only ranges.   All you need to do is send a stamped addressed envelope.
 John and Sharon